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"No idea. But she seems to know what she's doing." They stared at her in disbelief

"She is kind of cute though." Jack said, nudging the Doctor in reference to the feel of two merged faces kissing in complete darkness.

"Yeah, but.... Who is she?"

"Hey do you guys have any food around here? I'm starving really. It's been about a day or so since I was locked up in solitary." The girl interrupted. She rolled her eyes and stood between them, hands tight on her hips.

"I can help you with that," Jack grinned, "But first... He got a kiss, what do I get?"

The girl patted his cheek gently, "You're cute." she said, "But you get a whole lot of nothing." She smiled brightly and turned a glance at the Doctor who appeared to inadvertently avoid eye contact. "My name is Taora, by the way. Sorry I hijacked your Tardis... I just really needed to get out of there."

"Trouble at home, eh?" The Doctor smiled, having regained his composure.

"Oh you have no idea." She rolled her eyes again and suddenly her face grew pale and her smile faded, "Um... I think... I should... Lay.... Down......" She fell, almost in slow motion onto her knees, her right hand grasping at a clump of the Doctor's 3qtr length brown jacket before falling forward into the darkness of unconsciousness.


Jack opened the doors to the Tardis and stepped out into the unknown, "Well it doesn't look like death and destruction yet... Just darkness, pure and simple. I wonder how dangerous this'll be." The Doctor followed and locked the door to the Tardis behind him, The two could see nothing even five inches ahead of them in the pitch blackness.

"Oh my God! You came for me!" A girl's voice shouted and both the Doctor and Jack were startled, seeing nothing and hearing only two bare feet that came running toward them. The girl slinked her arms around the Doctor.

"Hm------mmmf!" Anything the Doctor wouls have said was muffled by a hard kiss against his lips, invisible in the darkness.

"Huh? What's going on?" Jack asked, "You okay?" He felt about with his hands and fingertips. He reached eye level to the left of himself and felt the physical silhouette of the Doctor's face merged with the soft fleshed face of another.

The girl pulled away from the Doctor and stepped between the two of them, pushing them aside and grasping the doors of the Tardis. She pulled and tugged even though she knew the doors would not open. "Okay, now get me out of here." Her voice was soft like that of a little girl's voice but she had the determination of someone who was strengthened by years of experience.

"Who ARE you?" Both Jack and the Doctor asked in unison.

"Doesn't matter. Open these doors and let's get out of here. We don't have time to chat, just get in the Tardis and then we'll talk."

Silence in confusion. -- Either that or the Doctor did not want to take orders from someone so random and possibly untrustworthy. "...Please?" The girl pleaqded until the Doctor pulled out his ever trusty sonic screwdriver to light the way for his key to the Tardis.

"Oh cool. It's a key hole finder too." Jack interjected as the doors were opened and the girl shoved the two of them in ahead of her and slammed the door, locking it. She turned to look at them, both appeared as two deers trapped in the head lights of an on-coming vehicle. The girl was short, about a foot shorter than Doctor, and slender with ear-length silver hair, blue-green eyes, and fair skin. She wore what appeared to be sand-colored prison garb. She ran past them to the central controls of the Tardis.

"Time to go," she said, pushing, pulling, poking, and prodding at various controls about and glancing only once at the location monitor.

"Who the hell is this girl? Jack asked with worry in his voice.


NOTE: I keep the episode separated into small parts simply because many of today's readers have short attention spans. It'd be more likely for someone to read the works if they are split up into small enjoyable segments =]

The Tardis chugged and churned in landing. "We're here." The Doctor stated.

"Uh-huh. and where exactly IS here?" Asked Jack.

"Don't know," He grinned, "Isn't it fantastic?"

"Oh yes! The possibility of death and destruction is always exciting."

"Pfffttt" The Doctor shook his head, "What are you worried about death for? It's not like you can actually die or anything."

"Oh whatever. Let's go see what's on the other side of that door there."

Jack walked onward to the front of the Tardis, coffee mug in hand.

"You're going to go out there like that?" The Doctor inquired, pointing out the checked pyjamas and the fuzzy pink slippers he just now noticed adorning Jack's American size 12's.

"Hmm. I guess you're right. Wouldn't want to face the end of the world in fuzzy pink slippers."



NOTE: This is the precursor for events to come. What can you expect in this episode? A random but mysterious girl who seems to appear out of nowhere, and yet knows too much; The Sonic Screwdriver; New New York; Radiation poisoning; Psychic Paper; Interesting methods in healthcare; Life after death – not the HEAVEN kind.
Episode 1 – The Mystery

He stroked the railing along the central controls almost lovingly, “Where to now, old girl?” He asked, stepping up to the location screen. No response, only silence, “It's just you and me.” He said, patting the control panel beyond the location screen.

“No answer? Cat got your tongue?” He chuckled at his own joke and finished off with a solemn sigh, “I really should stop talking to myself. Maybe I need to make a friend.” He shook his head and ran a hand through his messy tuft of light brown hair.

“Random it is!” He said to himself, and with unmatchable ferocity, he slammed a palm against a mash of buttons on the control panel. The Tardis moaned and whirred as the centre cylinder contracted and contracted again. The Doctor found himself, without noticing initially, mimicking the moans of the Tardis as it made its traverse throughout time and space. “Weeooooohrrr, Weeoooohrrr,” he said, under his breath. It had been a decade since Martha Jones showed up on his doorstep and he'd gotten used to talking to himself for the first five years since Martha left. And even though he now had the company of Captain Jack Harkness aboard his time travelling space ship, he often found himself talking as if no-one else were there.

“Talking to yourself again are we, Doctor?” Jack came in through the back of the Tardis, the door that led to various rooms, halls, libraries, gardens, and swimming pools throughout. He was wearing a set of blue and green checked pyjamas and holding a large mug of coffee in his right hand. “And it's not just you and the Tardis,” he continued, “You have me now.” He spoke in a high pitched voice and grinned at him, taking a miniscule sip from his large mug of coffee.

“Good morning!” Said the Doctor, “Sorry 'bout that then. I've gotten used to the severe lack in companions.” He sighed,

“Aww, is Doctor lonely?” Jack asked, mockingly, “Well you're not alone. Because, and again I say, You've got me!” He grinned again, eyes slendering in the folds of his wide smile. “So, where we headed?”

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders and without actually opening his mouth he muttered, “I dunno.”

Jack paused and stared at him with slight concern, “...Okay so... Essentially, we could be travelling to our imminent demise?”

“That's right,” said the Doctor, grinning like a mad man.

“Great. Bring it on!”


Drawn by me.


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